Men’s Tuxedo Pant With Adjustable Waist


100% polyester men’s adjustable waist tuxedo pant



Men’s tuxedo pant with adjustable waist

  • Men’s adjustable waist tuxedo pant style #3033P from Neil Allyn.
    First of all, this 100% polyester flat front men’s tuxedo pant has 2 pockets in both front and back and are available in short, regular and long rise.
  • As a result, they provide a stylish and formal look.  First choice for any banquet server, bartender, waiter or limo driver who requires comfort and durability. Great choice for all schools music departments bands, orchestras and choirs.
  • Available in adjustable waist sizes 27- 52.
  • Machine washable
  • Un hemmed
  • Pairs nicely with Men’s tuxedo jacket Style # 3002C

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 2 in

27-28-29S, 30-31-32S, 33-34-35S, 36-37-38S, 39-40-41S, 42-43-44S, 27-28-29R, 30-31-32R, 33-34-35R, 36-37-38R, 39-40-41R, 42-43-44R, 45-46-47R, 48-49-50R, 51-52-53R, 27-28-29L, 30-31-32L, 33-34-35L, 36-37-38L, 39-40-41L, 42-43-44L, 45-46-47L, 48-49-50L, 51-52-53L




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